Quiet, tense, careful and, not unreasonably, frightened, Tom and Helen managed to remain unseen by them. Tom had stayed behind and used the pay phone to call home.
Sharon was pissed, mostly at Jimmy’s calling her three times, on a weekend, to ask if she knew if and when Tom would be coming by the studio. Tom absorbed the blow and said he was sorry. "Spare me the bullshit, Tom," Sharon said, and hung up, leaving Tom to worry about not only whether Sharon knew he was lying, but if she knew exactly what he was lying about. Tom and Helen cooled it for a week and a half before meeting again.

Nokia 7210 Supernova-New Town Mobile

  • Nokia 7210 Supernova-New Town Mobile - Nokia is amongst those companies which release the mobile phones quiet often, but without putting the quality at stack, so, now it’s all set to present its new set of GSM mobile “Nokia 7210 Supernova”. This weightless (69.8 g) phone is ...

Mobile Version of Firefox 'Weeks Away'

Speaking in an interview, Mozilla CEO John Lilly said that the company is just weeks away from providing an alpha version of Mobile Firefox. The mobile browser from Mozilla was first announced a year ago. Lilly did not say ...
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Sonim XP3 Tough Phone U.S. Bound

Several rural carriers will be making the rugged Sonim XP3 phone available in the U.S. in early 2009. The XP3 is fully ruggedized to withstand abuse. It can stand 6-ft falls onto concrete, it is waterproof and it is ...
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Samsung SCH-u650 Sway - a slim slider phone with a taste of music

If you wanna buy a new handset through Verizon Wireless, but today’s new Motorola phones the VU30 and VU204 aren’t the right for you, maybe…

Samsung Instinct Browser Update Available

The latest firmware update to the Samsung Instinct includes major improvements to the phone's browser, including reduced page rendering time and the ability to hide/show the controls.

Motorola's Rapture for Verizon Wireless Announced

Today Verizon and Motorola announced two new handsets, the VU30 and VU204. Both are clamshells that have GPS and can use Verizon's VZ Navigator service. Both wil be available in the fourth quarter.VU30 Rapture: The Rapture has a touch-sensitive ...
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Telstra Nearly Finished with eHSPA Network Upgrades

Australia-based Telstra is among the first wireless providers in the world to upgrade its network to enhanced HSPA, also known as HSPA+. The eHSPA network will be capable of download speeds of 21Mbps. Other network operators around the globe ...
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LG Viewty now like a white beauty SH210/KH2100

The LG Viewty is one of the handsets which still comes with new color designs. Black, pink, dark silver, purple, red and now in white…

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